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The Lament
The Immigrant Walks
For Primo Levi
For Aung San Suu Kyi
Shallow Words
For the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Aline Gauguin
Portrait of Annah The Javanese
There's a Time
Desert Garden
The Mouse Speaks
By the Side of the Road
The Next One Like You
A Lenten Dirge
A Day in the Life of Paddy Murphy, Broker
A Romeo's Comeuppance
Green Panatela
Ribbons and Pearls
His Desk
Firm Roots
Center Stage
Doubting Thomas
Siren at Three in the Morning
Basra, 2004
Prior to Conception
Tornadoes in the Parlor
Freud Chicken
Blue Moon above the Sea
Addressing a Seashell
A Pot of Chili
Van Gogh's Bedroom
ode to pie a la mode
Ode on a Fortune Cookie
Honeymoon in the Garden Apartment
Caseworker’s Lament
Two Appliqués
At the Zoo
Husband and Wife on Hassocks Eating Sausage
Unit Available at Golden Pines
Three Haiku: Summer 2011

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