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The Second Day of Class
Letter to Annie Far Away
"Sonnet to Isaac"
Summer of 2012
Holding Fast
Fast With Flow
Crossing Borders
Birds of Paradise
Staff Meeting at Auschwitz
Serial Killer
Husk of a Horsefly
Those Good Tomatoes
Rafflesia Arnoldi
Lou’s Blues
Keys To a Kingdom
God's Little Angel
A Thing Of Beauty
Please Don't Take Your Shoes Off
What To Do With Bowling Balls
And I Don't
Long Lonely Night
Pour Judgment
Tomorrow Will Bulldoze Tonight 2
How To Take Over The World
I Wait For You
I Heard a Poet Say
Scenes from a Parish
Unintelligent Design
Take Me to the Taxidermist
Kissing Carol Ann
Hermit's Confession
For Pete Seeger, Huddie ‘Leadbelly’ Ledbetter and Woody Guthri
"A Winters Night to Remember"
Postmodern Fairy Tale
If, If Only: Subjunctive Mood Unsubjugated
Recalling: For Yuan Hongqi
Dialectic Diary
Natural Confrontations
Two in the Head
Beulah Needs Another Man
Sadie Says
Pedro, Pablo and Little José
What Purpose Does A Rabbit Have

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