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When My Wife Is in Her Garden
Miss Lakeishia Sings The Blues
The Odyssey of Pastor Harold Schnabel
Water bugs, Roses and Me
Charley on My Harley
Lady Goulds
The Black Feather
My Torment
The Right Manís Burden
I Am Telco No More
Chauvinist's Manifesto
The Farmer's Daughter
Reunion at the Children's Park
Cockfight at the Bus Stop
Concert at Bernie's
Why Not Do Away With Sundays
Lady in Waiting
One Old Gigolo Counsels Another
Moment in a Marriage
The Coupling Elite
That Greyhound Station
Pilots of the Dawn
Paradise Found
New Job in a Small Office
Who Remembers Rose?
Motherís Day
Daddyís Dreams
Tidying Up
Still Life
Woman in the Day Room Crying
The Widow Murphy Sets Her Cap
Our Debt to Greece and Rome
Words Embedded in Text
The Swaying of the Grass
Warning: Soppy Love Scribble!
For Wendy Cope
In The Material World
XXIII Three Scaralatti Sonatas
Rodding Out

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