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Take It from Butch
Scene from Yom Kippur 1972
Gentleman's Club
Father Comforts Tearful Nora, 6
It Happened at the Art Institute
Three Women Wait for the Morning Bus
Windsor Knot
Well Done
True Story on the Morning News
Satan's Annual Report
Songwriter's Nightmare
Grandparents in a Zeppelin
Stumps in His Cabbage
Homemade Cookies and Gin
Preacher in the Duck Blind
The Lovely Women of My Life
Siren of the Streets
Zambezi in Zimbabwe
Manifest Density
Pater Gnoster
Freedom Riders
Hardly Working
Canto 9
Canto 8
Canto 22
Canto 20
Canto 19
Canto 18
Histories of Our Histories
Nhamo’s Grandmother
Law As It Should Be
Monsanto's Gift to War
Postpartum Depression
Bachelor's Song
Maiden Aunt Advises Niece Tiffany
Fruit Cocktail
Woodpeckers and Cable News
Mama Disaster
Behind The Bar Screen
I Was a Virgin On My Wedding Night
Vertigo with a Touch of Syncope

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