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Metaphorically Speaking
Mom and Pop
Old Man At The Diner
Jail Break
The Ideal
Growing Old Together
Grounds for Separation
Wife After Showering
Nice Old Grandpa Likes to Yodel
A Got-Up Video Game
Divine Distribution
A Journey
The Verdict of a Coin
Alternative Healing of Heart
Someone Else
Yesterday Night in my Dreams
Thus Spoke the Father
A Gift for Swifty's Moll
When Men Had to Marry
After the Fact
Many Years Later When I Meet Her Again
High Colonics in Berlin
Per Verse
Barry Kid
Pygmies and the Dalai Lama
Same Old Story
First Warm Day
The Mudslide
A Got-Up Life
Evaluation of Paintings
A Sneaking Young Man
You and The Opportunity
His Mt. Everest
The Parlor of My Dotage
It's Many Miles From Easy
Two Funerals in One Day
The Human Condition
Unrequited Love
If We Ever Break Up
Every Child Needs a Father
Winter in the Checkout Lane
First Robin
Babbler and Stammerer
A Mad War---Civil War
Earthly Spirits and Fear

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