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Sylvia’s Garden
To Sylvia
The Last Sunflower
The Blues Man
Carousel of Marriage
No Paper This Morning
Hope and Mr. Neery
Old Stag Giddy
No Bigger than a Pepper Flake
Remembering His Third Wife
Weeds and Blooms
Find Him
The Ladling of Agent Orange
Both Sides Now
Nearing the Finish Line
Another Sunrise in His Day
Oaf with Saturday Night Fever
Madman in Remission
Monks in the Orchard Picking Peaches
Pend Oreille River, Autumn Morning
Hay House
Cutting Cedar Shakes in the Aladdin Star Valley, 1975
Potato Farming Near George, Washington, 1975
Clear Cut
Moth Upside Down on the Ceiling
Rotary Dialers in a Cell Phone World
"Missouree" or "Missourah"
When a Debutante Marries a Troll
Home Invasion Encore
A Journey
The Poor Body
The Turning Over a New Leaf
Bearing a Grudge
Poor Honesty
Found in an Attic
Dancing on the Fourth of July
Horns Over Hooves
Language of the Xylophone
The Constant Dinosaur
Waiting for Melvin
Letter to an Estranged Middle-Aged Son
The Widow Next Door
First Day on Parole
Ice Cream Honeymoon
This Morning of a Snow
Listen to the Muse

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