Another Summer Day

Shooting rats and killing flies all day long at the land fill.
Two high school boys killing time, anything for a cheap thrill.
Did you see sweet Sue down at the mall last Friday night?
If I had my way she would be all mine and everything would be alright.

Cruising through town later that night like they always do.
Just driving around and running the lights until their night was through.
Did you see John and George get into a fight last weekend down at the park?
What John did to George just didn't seem right as he lay their bleeding in the dark.

They found there friends in a parking lot, just talking and horsing around.
So they stopped in to see what was up and if anything was going down.
They said big Jim beat up sweet Sue just a little while ago.
Now she's all covered in black and blue and Jims in jail with nowhere else to go.

It was around midnight when they made it home and slowly crawled into bed.
Just another summer day out on their own with many more ahead.
They were growing up fast and it wouldn't be long before they'd have to go to work.
They didn't realize that this time would pass and they'd have to come down to Earth.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 5/28/2016