Dreamy eyed bubble gummer hanging with her friends.
Giggles, lots of giggles and the fun never ends.
Talking gossip about the people within their little world.
Finding humor in mistakes brings more giggles from the girls.

She told them that her world was falling apart.
All because her boy friend had broken her heart.
He told her that he had to make a brand new start.
And now all she wants to do is cry.

Teeny bopper hanging round with all of his buds.
Single life is the only life if you want to have fun.
Balking at the notion that you need a steady girl.
Reminding everyone they just complicate your world.

Just because they laughed at her he tried to start a fight.
And sense he had just broken up they thought it wasn't right.
They always stuck together because their group was tight.
And now all he wants to do is lay down and die.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 7/22/2015