All Too Apparent

I was floating away on a thick cloud of smoke
Not understanding that I was playing myself for a fool.
Telling myself this was the best way to cope.
Feeling selfish pride for being so cool.

The years roll past, each one taking its toll.
Taking no notice of the slow but steady decline.
Engulfed in a cloud of smoke as you slowly grow old.
Never quite realizing, this is how you're defined.

The pain starts slipping in just a little at a time.
Getting harder to catch your breath with every effort you make.
But you simply tell yourself that everything is fine.
Hiding in a cloud of smoke unaware of your fate.

The day finally comes when the pain becomes hard to bare
Breathing becomes a labor placing restrictions upon all that you do.
You are forced out of the smoke, and you finally see what's there.
And suddenly your fate becomes all too apparent to you.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 5/27/2016