Caution, this work is mildly erotic and some may find it offensive. If this is you I suggest you skip this one and move on to the next.


Absolutely Wonderful

It was a hot summer night so he slept naked above the covers.
He kept his bedroom door wide open so that a breeze might blow through.
He was twenty one and home for the summer from college.
He had an eighteen year old sister who's bedroom was just down the hall.
His sister had a friend sleeping over the previous night.

He woke up about nine to find his sisters friend sitting next to his bed
staring at his penis.
He asked her if she had ever seen one before.
She said yes but never up this close.
Then she asked if she could touch it.
He agreed but only if she promised not to hurt it.
He was beginning to get an erection just thinking about it.
She took it in her hand and felt it growing.
She just loved that feeling.
Then she squeezed the head softly with her finger and thumb.
Then she squeezed the shaft to feel how hard it was.
She was surprised at how stiff it had become.
She asked him how that felt and he said wonderful.

She spent another ten minutes feeling the lines and the texture of his erect penis.
She seemed particularly fond of the head.
She enjoyed squeezing the head and watching it come back to full size.
She was surprised by the sponginess of it.
She would take her thumb and push the top of the head back and forth.
Then she pulled the entire penis down only to release it so that it would snap back
and make a slapping sound upon his stomach.
She enjoyed this so much she did it a bunch more times.
She was amazed at how hard and rigid it had become so she took her middle finger
and snapped it off her thumb against the shaft to hear the thump, thump, thump.

Then she got up and said, "thank you, that was fun."
To which he replied," yes it was. It was absolutely wonderful.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 6/25/2016