A Thoughtful Walk

Inundated with the sounds of a world hurriedly passing by.
Emaciated by the eyes of angry young men.
Walking alone down crowded street.
Talking to myself within my mind as my feet keep a cadenced beat.

Self established monetary environments seem easily difficult to maintain.
Foreseen, unforeseen circumstances arrive too slow, too fast to be contained.
Underlying my cash flow there is a drain seemingly made of greed.
Sucking with great power and capacity.
Sucking up my best made efforts with great speed.

The light on the pole is flashing its warning. Don't walk. Don't walk.
In flight a few daring souls quickly rush across.
I find myself momentarily stranded with a group of noisy strangers.
I climb back into my mind to think my troubled thoughts.

The family unit is an entity with a life unto itself.
Many troubles rise and fall, great and small,
still it stands as my greatest wealth.
I've dried their tears and cried my own
between the times of joy and laughter.
I know the fears that chill you to the bone
as you stare down the barrel of another disaster.

Turning onto quiet street, I point my nose towards home.
Yearning for my favorite chair and the company of my own.
My stride grows steadily quicker,
I can almost taste that ice cold beer.
Inside I find evanescent peace of mind
as my home grows ever nearer.

Michael R. Roth

Archived 05/26/2010