Flying down the flyway.
Just trying to make it home.
Hoping things go my way.
After the time that I've been gone

A year in a combat zone.
Just trying to survive.
Now I've got to make it home.
See what's left of my life.

I remember her pretty smile.
How her soft lips felt on mine.
I've been gone for awhile.
Did I lose her over time?

The plane is touching down.
It feels good to be at home.
At least I made it safe and sound.
And that's all they need to know.

As I'm walking down the aisle.
I see my family standing there.
Mom and dad with great big smiles.
They all have love to share.

Now I see her pretty face.
And I see her pretty smile.
She gives me a lovers embrace.
She waited all the while.

Michael R. Roth