So Dreamy

Just one glance from those cherry wood eyes
And I am entranced, with no disguise;
For you’re a bird of the fairest feather,
And kind, warm, and loving – all together.

You’re my rainbow in a black and white world –
The prettiest flag, totally unfurled;
Like a fairy lighting the night,
You soothe my soul, and all is bright.

Only you can suspend my time
Since, with yours, my heart beats in rhyme;
Just you can melt the snowflakes of my mind;
For you alone can I endlessly pine.

Your delightful laugh clears a path of joy
Like a boy finding his favorite toy;
And your unfolding smile
Makes life’s thorns all worthwhile.

You provide such praise and admiration,
Moving me to heights of inspiration,
Lifting me far from the mundane,
Giving me hope there’s much to gain.

When you’re about,
I’m freed from doubt;
You’re sunshine piercing dark, lonely clouds,
Rewinding my clock when it’s wound down.

Yours is the glow that draws me near,
That lights up my world from ear to ear;
A Versace girl in a drib-drab world –
Atop a bed of oysters, you’re the pearl.

You break my chains of restraint,
For which I celebrate
By sharing my love and admiration,
With nary a hint of hesitation.

Oh, how I yearn to hold you near,
Protecting you from every fear,
Being the rock on which you stand,
Providing warmth, being your man.

We’d explore ourselves fully and free,
An erotic feast for you and me,
Each the other’s favorite wish,
Diving deep in a sea of bliss.

So here’s to the gal who revs my engines,
Creating my most romantic visions;
Like a colorful comet in the night,
With Pumpkin, everything is all right.

 Douglas Young