Penning a Poem

What to write today?
I haven't a clue;
How I want something to say
Instead of just feeling blue.

Something to arrest the reader's attention,
To convict you of being hooked on these words,
Ideas to hold you in suspension,
Images to soar your spirits like birds.

Dream candy for your mind to explore:
Vivid, vibrant, too bold to ignore,
Rich in scope, message, and metaphor,
Full of insight, humor, and much more.

Mixing passion and intellect,
Wisdom with wit,
Memorable with an original rhyme,
Like a band's rhythm section, beating in time.

Evoking a mood,
A place, or a food,
Compelling you to recollect
A lovely, forgotten sunset.

Every poem wants to be your friend,
To keep your interest to the end;
The reader must be wooed -- and that takes work --
May it be inspired without too much hurt.

Douglas Young