Show them shades of grey till all is black.
Never let them realize they are under attack.
Well planted lies inside half truths.
Make them believe they have nothing to lose.

Worship your parasites. Praise them like a God.
They can only speak in truths as they are your saviors.
So many hate them because the truth they know not.
When they blaspheme our Gods we must correct their behavior.

Take their lives away and expect them to be grateful.
They have only admiration and love and could never be hateful.
Promise many things like a carrot on a stick.
Lead them around like fools as they are a little thick.

All praise be to Heaven our savior has arrived.
He will make things the way they were before the dark one took control.
Destroying all the evil and all they have contrived.
Making this land a paradise we'll be glad to call our home.

Michael R. Roth