One Glass At a Time

Picking through the abstract pieces of his life.
Trying to find what's been missing all along.
Looking back on all the wrongs he couldn't right.
Realizing that too many pieces of his life were just wrong, all wrong

Turn your back on family and family will turn its back on you.
Karma has a way of teaching lessons you could've never learned in school.
Abandoning your mother because your mother abandoned you.
Leaving her to die alone is a fate much too cruel.

Running things through his mind time and time again.
Even things from so far back when he was just a child.
He questions all the things he's done from now till way back then.
Remembering a short time in his life when he was completely wild.

And now the time has come for him to watch himself grow old.
As the years pass one after another they seem to be getting cold.
He mixes up his drinks one after another so very very fine.
He mixes up his drinks because he's drowning one glass at a time.

 Michael R. Roth