Joyful Gina

All that curly, comely dark hair
Falls like a waterfall so fair,
Enveloping a mighty fetching face
Lit by a sparkling smile that’s full of grace.

Giving warmth and beaming such fun,
She would strike many as the one
To be with when feeling blue,
Sharing laughs and secrets, too.

Tall, tan, and tres bodacious,
Smart, witty, and so vivacious,
She’s a poppy in a field of weeds,
The brightest gem on a string of beads.

Like a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers
Blooming kindness and wisdom at all hours,
She’s a fine fountain of love caring for others,
Sacrificing for many despite her druthers.

Just an image of that splendid face in a grin
Replaces one’s troubles with a new warmth within;
She’s like Italian marble polished to a T
Or Bananas Foster made especially for thee.

Yet this is no typical beauty,
But a strong, smart, and savvy cutie,
For she’s reared six happy, handsome children,
Making each Godly, and even schooled them.

She’s a golden gift to a worn down world,
Generating joy like an ice cream swirl;
Principled, tough, yet so pretty and kind,
She’s a lovely film you want to rewind.

So cheers for Gina and all her virtues,
This glowing diamond of so many hues,
A shining light wherever she goes –
An antidote for so many woes.

May she remain inspired,
Upbeat, and never tired,
A songbird of such sweet and stirring song,
With her own swell melody, all day long.

Douglas Young