I Love You

I love you like the bee loves the flower
You nourish my soul and make me taller,
Sweeten my palette and brighten my sky,
Bring such excitement and make me feel high.

I love you like a rainbow after storms and strife
Youre the colorful gal in my black and white life
Who lights a candle to help me cope,
Soothes my whole self, and provides much hope.

I love you like a feast on a famished day
You flash your grin and my blues fade away;
Youre the summit above an azure sea,
Prompting me to climb up so I can see.

I love you for the lift your letters bring
They spike my mood and make me want to sing!
Just seeing your name unlocks the secret door
To open my heart like no other before.

I love your sweetness like mango ice cream
You caress my heart and dare me to dream;
That you care and think of me often
Comforts me that Im not forgotten.

I love you for your harmonic voice
Soft as cotton and a little moist;
Mildly hypnotic, it soothes my whole being,
Putting me at rest with a peaceful feeling.

I love your face for all its joy
Beautiful, warm, and slightly coy;
Youre the prettiest rose in the whole bouquet
Whenever I see you, how I hope youll stay.

I love your splendid smile
Sincere and without guile,
Teasing and flirtatious,
Content and contagious.

I love your hair
Long, brown, full, and fair;
Curling, swirling, soft, and shiny,
I want to get lost in it and for you to find me.

I love your seductive scent.
Its so enticing just a hint;
Like a gardenia in a joyful June
Or a magnolia under a full moon.

I love you for how you take my hand
To let me know Im your special man;
And, when you lean your head against mine,
I swoon as if drunk on pumpkin wine!

I love your kisses and holding you tight
Embracing you, all is right;
Just to touch you is to feel buzzed
Best of all is realizing Im loved.

I love your whole wonderful being
Its you who sends my senses reeling;
Youre the ideal for whom Ive long been dreaming
That you love me back gives my life new meaning.

 Douglas Young