I love double rainbows climbing a blue sky,
Slow, gentle waves bathing a beach by and by,
Colorful leaves decorating the fall,
And the splendid views from Chinaís Great Wall.

Iíd love to eat cheesecake ever so slow,
Floating down a river in a smooth flow;
Grow vibrant flowers Ė orange, purple, and red --
And get to meet performers long since dead.

Oh, to find myself in a kaleidoscopic dream,
Feasting on ripe blackberries in such rich yellow cream,
Going back in time to fix my mistakes,
Facing those fears, no matter what it takes.

I should act boldly, with resolve and without fears,
Ignoring all the maya between my two ears,
Laugh more at life Ė mostly at myself --
And put happiness on my top shelf.

Letís seek out the good and those who are serene,
Not caring about the rude or just plain mean;
Travel far and try new ways,
For lifeís short Ė avoid delays.

Know Iím alone and must find my own way,
Since others can point, but no one can stay;
Be good to all and donít ever be crude,
And embrace my blessings in gratitude.

Douglas Young