Flying High

Gluttony comes along with the promise of starvation.
The few who hoard all the wealth never seem to have enough.
The common poor find themselves abandoned by the leaders of their nation.
While the gullible fools continue to fight for those that give no love.

Flying high on the wings of dreamers.
Flying over the lonesome schemers
Slinking slowly on the ground
Looking for what can't be found.

Living lives of luxury seems to lead to condemnation
Finding fault in all of those in need of some assistance.
Poverty brings pestilence and criminal infestation.
Living lives of wants and needs brings poverties persistence.

Flying high above the clouds.
Flying over the dirty low down.
Hiding themselves in filthy shrouds
Crawling there upon the ground

Making massive profits from the old, the sick, and the diseased.
Those without enough should simply be cast aside so they may simply suffer and die.
Heartless corporate leaders will be very pleased.
While the families of the dieing can only sit and cry.

Flying high upon thermal winds.
Flying over the sadness and grim.
Painfully suffering far below.
Hopeless fools with nowhere to go.

Michael R. Roth