Every Little Thing

She gets up every morning around four-thirty or five.
Makes her way to the kitchen and gets the coffee maker going.
Then she goes to the bathroom to wash up and get dressed.
Then she heads back to the kitchen for coffee and a sweet roll.

She notices that it's going on eight-o-clock.
He should be getting up soon.
So she gets out his favorite bowl and a spoon for him to eat his breakfast cereal.
Then suddenly she remembers and she starts to cry.

She decides to go outside to tend to her flower beds and pull some weeds.
They are just as beautiful this year as they have ever been.
Then she notices the rose bushes are getting overgrown with vines again.
Well, he takes care of the rose bushes, why hasn't he tended to them?
Then she remembers and starts to cry.

So she goes to the garage to get a pair of extra heavy gloves and goes back
to the rose bushes to to pull out the vines.
She tries her best to avoid the thorns but one pricks her and she starts to bleed.
So she goes back into the house to the bathroom to wash it off and put on a band aid.

As she is emerging from the bathroom she hears a car pull up the driveway.
Pretty soon she hears the back door close and she hears, "Mom, are you here?"
To which she replies, "yes I'm here."
Then her daughter looks at her and say's, "You've been crying again haven't you?"
Then she takes her into the living room, sits down on the couch with her and say's,
"Oh mom, I miss daddy too." and they both start to cry.

Then her daughter says to her, "I thought maybe you'd like to go to some rummage sales,
and then we could stop somewhere and get something for lunch."
Her mother replies, "Yes that would be fine."

As they're making their way through the rummage sales she notices a digital converter with a remote.
He's been looking for one of these. She see's that it's only a dollar and decided to buy it.
When she goes to the table to pay for it she suddenly remembers and starts to cry.
She say's, "Sorry, I really don't need this and walks back to the car.

Her daughter saw what happened so she went back to the car and said, "You saw something
that reminded you of daddy, didn't you?" She merely nodded her head with tears in her eyes.
Then her daughter said, "Lets go get something to eat."

They went to a little sit down diner downtown.
They talked about the grandkids and about how everyone was doing.
When they finished they went back to the car and her daughter drove her home.

When they got to her mothers house they both got out of the car and
went and sat down in the kitchen.
Then her daughter said, "Me and Charly have talked it over and would really like it
if you would come and live with us. Now that Robert has moved out on his own we have an extra bedroom
and I know Lela would be thrilled to have you there.

Michael R. Roth