The Ebullient One

To glimpse her down the hall
Inspires an instant smile;
So joyful, gorgeous, and tall –
Just to see her is well worthwhile.

For she’s a rainbow girl
In a black and white world,
A Technicolor lady
On a day dark and rainy.

She boasts beautiful black hair –
Long, lush, curly, and fair –
Framing a fabulous face
That’s flawless, warm, and full of grace.

Her cherry wood eyes
Always hypnotize –
So big and striking,
Deep and inviting.

How they gleam and shine
When she grins so wide;
Striking and clear,
Full of good cheer.

And she carries a stupendous physique –
Statuesque, stunning, curvy, and complete;
Like a bright flower in full bloom,
She’s the focus of any room.

But best of all is her joie de vivre,
Making me want her to linger right here,
For she’s like a splendid sunrise
Vanquishing all darkness and lies.

Her melodious voice is a song in speech,
Enthused, soft, and then as gentle as a beach;
Full of excitement for finding the right path,
Eager to celebrate with her high-pitched laugh.

Her winsome wit is like a mischievous child –
Ebullient, cute, and even a tad wild;
For she knows this life is a maze of troubles –
Endless breaking waves bringing pain and struggles.

That, to spite her blues, she chooses to soar
Only makes me adore her all the more;
She drowns her sorrows helping others to shore,
Too busy to tread water and be a bore.

Her concern for people is profound –
Like a mother’s love, endless and sound;
For she is wed to treating the troubled,
Slipping a key to the sad or befuddled.

Making her mark in oh so many ways,
Her kindness and candor brighten others’ days;
Like a welcome breeze on a hot afternoon,
Hers is such a catchy and inspiring tune.

So God bless you, dear, for all you do,
Beaming so much warmth, and wisdom, too;
You’re a lighthouse of love, guiding so many
With your concern, courage, and positivity.

And may the smiles you give others
Boomerang back to you
Since one thing I know is this:
There’s none lovelier than Candice.

 Douglas Young