Wishing You a Beautiful Birthday!

Each time I try to pen something new,
Your gorgeous image makes me pine for you;
Time recedes and my breathing slows
As dreams of you erase my woes.

Your fetching face crowds the world out –
Of your beauty there is no doubt;
Your gaze will always hypnotize –
How I yearn to drown in those eyes.

Your layers of hair, flowing and fair,
Sparkle and glisten without a care,
And your shapely, large lips, so red and inviting,
Make me so want to kiss them, ever enticing.

And your stupendous bust,
Big, vibrant, and robust,
Makes me lust for you are the more,
For you inflame me to my core.

Best of all are your affection and love,
Embracing me like my hand in your glove;
Always gentle and super sweet,
With you my life could be complete.

Just to walk the beach holding hands,
Fly together to far-off lands,
Hold you in public without any fear,
Comfort you always and kiss every tear.

But certain mistakes scar one’s life,
Branding it with quiet strife;
Losing you when I had the chance
Will endlessly haunt my past.

Oh, if I could retrace the time,
I’d race back then to make you mine;
Finally our lives could be in sync,
Each to the other the missing link.

At last we could craft a life together,
Sharing all on our journey forever,
Kiss loneliness goodbye and bury it deep,
Exchanging our hearts, pledging always to keep.

Yet how grateful I am we can still converse –
To not correspond would be too much worse;
How I thrill to dream of you and all is right,
Like admiring the stars and everything’s bright.

So thank you, my alluring flower
For making this life far less dour;
Even if apart we’re cursed to be,
You’re still the great muse who inspires me.

Please hold me, my love, if only in thought –
With you dreaming of me, it’s not for naught;
And take all my love, more than words can say,
To help you make a beautiful birthday!

 Douglas Young