A Way Through

Climbing over empty space in search of something hollow.
Escaping from a bad embrace that holds you till you're gone.
Crying for a taste of something that's not hard to swallow.
Being fed only vile waist from the dusk until the dawn.

Flying through the what's not there to get to never was.
Facing those that do not care to find you don't believe.
Cast aside what you've never had and calling it lost cause.
All that's good surly must be bad and must be made to leave.

Hiding bodies in mass graves to help keep down the smell.
Raping children to be saved from a horrible fate.
Trying hard to refrain from the truth in what you tell.
Seeing power used to retrain what to do with hate.

Dying trying to escape those that want to kill you.
Tracing steps of a similar fate of those that came before.
Pass the ones that have fallen on their way before you.
Call this now your life long calling, trying to find a way through.

 Michael R. Roth